Can Streetwear Be Formal?

Can Streetwear Be Formal?

Streetwear has been a part of our culture since the 1990’s hip scene. Originating on the east coast in New York and pushing to the west coast in Los Angeles, we’ve embraced the styles created by some of the most influential entertainers in the American streetwear era. The beauty of streetwear is the ability to dress up in a formal attire or rejuvenate a fresh look while still maintaining comfortability. No matter what the event, it is always possible to incorporate streetwear into your style! Here is some of the best advice for perfecting your streetwear clothing attire for literally any occasion!

Formal Streetwear

Formal streetwear is one of the more modern versions of streetwear and have become exponentially popular since 2022. What makes formal streetwear so awesome is the ability to add a little sophistication to a clothing style that was birthed in rebellion. 

Formal Streetwear Style Advice:

1. Blazer x Tee shirt Collaboration

    The collaboration of a blazer and tee shirt is a classic formal streetwear style perfect for any formal event. You can also add the tops with joggers and trainer shoes for a more semi-formal event. 

    2. Formal Streetwear Joggers

      Joggers are such a great addition to the 2022 formal streetwear attire. Not only do you maintain the comfort of an every day athlete, but still can maintain a sophisticated look through these bottoms. One suggestion is to have this style as loose fitting, but not baggy. 

      Casual Streetwear

      Casual streetwear is the most original branding of streetwear. From Kanye West to the late Virgil Abloh, the 2020s formal streetwear has taken over American culture. Here are a couple tips for wearing casual streetwear in the modern era:

      1. Positive Message Clothing:

        Gone are the days of giant brand logos on hoodies and t-shirts. Instead, fashion has moved towards positivity - driven clothing and clothing with smaller, unique logos and branding. Our “Trust the Process” and “Breathe Love” hoodies are a great example of clothing with a positive message that can be worn to any occasion. 

        2. Layering Streetwear Clothes

          Layering clothing is a great way to add spice to your streetwear style. An example of layering is:

          Layering is particularly popular during Fall and Winter trends and is a great way to dress for a classy event. 

          For all your formal streetwear clothing, Minds of Culture has you covered. Feel free to email us or DM for any advice for an upcoming event!